Monday, October 20


Saturday, October 18


every day. something's got to happen. the process of life, of discovery and processing from the inside of this body I am in and the connection I make, mostly through my hands, to the world around me.

Thursday, October 16


although the mornings are getting colder, he is still driven to get outside and play. sometimes I can even get his pants on before.

Wednesday, October 15

natural plant dyeing // black walnut

This process involved a 5-week fermentation of the walnuts (I left them in a bucket of water outdoors) and was the smelliest thing to boil up. I had to put the pot outside as soon as possible. But it was worth it because they yielded a brown that is beautiful to behold!

Tuesday, October 14

apple picking

Monday, October 13

natural plant dyeing // staghorn sumac

Dyeing with plants is alchemy. I feel like a magician.

These colors are all from dyeing with staghorn sumac. The grays come from using an iron afterbath, which I made by soaking rusty metal in vinegar water for a few weeks. All from the book, Harvesting Color.

Friday, October 10