Friday, September 19


this is from the spring. but we are beginning to feel the cold weather again now and to sort through our woollies and cool-weather wardrobes. I've got to bring those bins down from the attic and I hope the mice haven't found them.

Thursday, September 18

natural plant dyeing // ironweed

ironweed, surprisingly, made a very nice deep green. i discovered the plant by surprise while driving errands. it was growing in a field and i only recognized it because i had seen it in my plant dyeing book.

Wednesday, September 17


picking up our produce at our farm csa. the flower field is going to seed there and I've been collecting dill, calendula, and cosmos seeds.

Tuesday, September 16

Monday, September 15


for his one day of school he needs a placemat. i made him one out of my gramom's fabric squares. he was so excited to use it for lunch.

Sunday, September 14


Saturday, September 13