Thursday, February 18

vintage fabric and butterflies

Butterfly Houses, 2010, by me
wax, thread, book, vintage fabrics
hand and machine sewing

I've been working a bunch in the studio lately, getting ready for some upcoming shows. I have a yearly show at Orchard Artworks (a  gallery in a Revolutionary War farmhouse) and this year I picked the title of Metamorphosis. And suddenly everything I'm doing is butterflies. Butterflies are everywhere. Besides being absolute stunners in the looks categories, I love their stories: the extreme migrations, the specific host plants for each life cycle, their amazing transformations from caterpillar into winged creature. I love the symbolism inherent in their beauty and lives. 

Sometimes it's hard to work because Mimi gets in the way. But she's really so sweet, I can't kick her out. That often.

And I'm managing to get some work done regardless. I don't usually work this bright nor so playful so have been having a lot more fun lately in the studio. I do, however, usually work on multiple pieces and themes at once, and I really like exploring unusual materials and methods.

These fabrics are all from my grandma's sewing room. She doesn't sew any more due to Alzheimer's and so I always think of her when I do, especially when I come across some particularly beautiful piece of fabric. They are almost like butterflies themselves.

Night Garden, 2010, by me
wax-dipped black Arches paper, oil paint incising,
vintage fabrics, thread, black acrylic
hand sewing

untitled, 2010, by me
paper, thread, vintage fabrics
hand sewing