Monday, November 9

a garden morning, a leafy afternoon

it's november but the garden is still going strong. i stopped really "gardening," apart from mulching and snipping off the odd deadheads and ripping out the now- ratty cosmos, weeks ago. i've become an avid observer of how things are going there now, without feeling like i have to step in and wrestle things into order. i'm finding my gardening flow, after 3 years of this garden, and also because it's the end of the season. frost will soon kill off the colors, leaving textures and tangles for the snow to make sculptures with. i saw the goldfinch in his autumn drab this morning, clinging to the black-eyed susan seedheads and having breakfast. and the yarrow is putting out new blooms!
...and it was so warm again today that we ended up at the park, again. i know this won't last forever, i swear. it is so nice hiking in just a t-shirt and jeans, no woolly things needed.
:: the park to me is all about leisurely walking, talking, catching up, sometimes with a mug of tea (not a travel mug, a real mug) and calling the dogs back to us after we realize we haven't seen them in a few minutes...

:: hope you're enjoying the details of your day ::