Sunday, November 8

crack of dawn

i woke up this morning at 6:30. about two hours before i do on a normal day. the cat was snoring on my knee, the sunrise was just blushing in the window, the husband was talking in his dreams. and i wanted a cheese danish. 

my favorite cheese danishes are at a french bakery about 45 minutes drive from my house. i don't go there often, but i did this morning. the dogs were still sleeping as i drove away :: and that danish was worth the drive. on the way there is a lot of farmland with old houses and some horses; the sun still really low and waking everything up, with my audiobook everpresent. i sat in the little bakery cafe reading Out of Africa with my danish and my cup of mint tea. of course i had to bring one home for later...what a great morning.

we are still having great weather here; today was in the 60's. Tim and i went to our favorite hike yesterday at the park to enjoy the warmth. thought i'd share:

:: notice the ears above on Donovan, our rottie: when he runs they get very batlike.
:: how was your sunday? ::