Tuesday, November 17

a day of birthday

Happy 30th Birthday Tim!
:: a sweet greeting as we started the day

:: coffee at a local diner he wanted to revisit
:: and, um, chocolate chip pancakes (for me) while he continued his exhaustive research for the perfect home fries.
:: blue skies, this is good.
:: a run to the thrift shop (i found those vintage glass balls), and then back home to tea (uh, two mini-pots) for me while he built some shelves. for himself. this is what he wanted to do.
:: other things of note that happened today: a killer fruit smoothie (we think the super overripe banana was key,) i updated my Flickr site (haha, while he napped,) walnut lentil pate on Z crackers, sunshine, a run, lots of birthday phonecalls and texts, a couple of dog-walks, and now he's gone off to meet up with some buddies while i'm back in the studio working steady, half-watching Foyle's War (season I: disc I) and munching chocolate Reisens. so the birthday week begins.