Friday, November 6

friday sunshine

things i've already done by noon today
:: woke up to brilliant sunshine
:: threw out the leek tops into the compost pile
:: had a lovely granola-and-nut-laden breakfast
:: found a cherry-red scarf at my favorite thrift shop
:: stopped by the library for a new audio book
:: drank 32 oz of water
:: read a little Dorothy Gilman
:: picked up work from a show i didn't get into,
usually a learning experience i somewhat enjoy, if only because there's more to experience and to personally feel and think through than when i do make it into a show:
i always learn more when i'm not 'successful.' 
items included in my friday post-noonish outlook
:: big pots of honey-sweetened tea
:: lots of drawing to do in the studio with an audiobook
walking the dogs :: letter-writing :: waiting for the mailman and the Netflix :: a bit of sewing later during an evening movie :: a possible walk with my husband Tim at Morris Arboratum :: probably also a solitary powerwalk :: and i have a bit of a thought to framing and matting some of my collection of other people's drawings and prints (i've been collecting white vintage frames)
watching the sunset :: eating some chocolate
:: have a beautiful friday ::