Friday, November 27


i am thankful for audiobooks, libraries, May Sarton's journals, thrift shops, mornings, our electric kettle, my studio, our co-op, the listenings, talkings and writings of friends and family, Johnny Cash and Tim. (not in that order.) Also: creativity, the gift of observation, the ability to live my life as i see fit, more self-awareness, breath, health and chocolate Reisens.

yesterday was a busy day with three houses (and meals!) to visit. i came home packed to the gills with sounds, vibrations, and leftovers. my tongue was tired both from talking and that third helping of homeade pumpkin pie. i have so many new insights into both my and Tim's families: histories, similarities, differences.

back home in our quiet house, i want to stay in here all day, soaking in the silence, working in the studio (that big project calls...), and ruminating over the holiday. i've already washed dishes and cleaned kitchen: all four tea balls are drying on the rack, ready for some fresh pots. but i think i'll pop out for a quick thrift, then back to the peacefullness. i really enjoyed yesterday's visits, and i also really enjoy getting back to the rhythm of my own life and the new insights the busyness has brought.

ah, Tim has set the timer on his pot of tea. three minutes till it's ready!
i hope you enjoyed the moments of your holiday too.

edited to add: thrifting was a success! i noticed an orange/yellow theme to my treasures. an orange Pyrex bowl, a yellow hat, an orange-striped tee, The 3,000-Mile Garden (love this book: already have it, but i'm sure i know someone i can gift it to.) a little Phillies cup as a surprise for Tim: i'm putting our Q-tips in it. whoopee. i also love that dear little old FireKing bowl, washed to a gray-green.
now to studio and some tea.