Friday, November 20

living spaces

the living room. when we moved in 3 years ago, it was already this color: a nice warm taupe. which was soothing and cozy...and brown. so brown. i have come to like neutrals a lot more in the past few years, but this color just made everything...brown. i have a lot of wood in that room and it wasn't lookin' so hot. since there is just one window (due to an addition before our time,) i thrifted old mirrors to reflect the light. but it wasn't enough: it started feeling drab. even the dog felt drab.
...then we went blue...
...which was really fun! ah! color! for about 3 weeks. until i noticed i couldn't focus my eyes in the evening while reading a book. so i repainted, again, (3 weeks? or was it 2?) in mid-september. At the time i was reading Plant Dreaming Deep, by May Sarton, where she talks about having all her antique Dutch furniture against pure white walls, like the adobe walls from out west. i drooled. and white is so...bright. and that room is so...dark. i'm usually the first to slap a coat of paint on white walls, so this was a different turn of events for me. i love it. 

...and voila!  it's such a lovely room to see first thing upon coming downstairs in the morning: can you see the rainbow being cast in the center of the hanging quilt? and just right for curling up with a book in at night. now for a new couch. apricot velvet, maybe?

and of course i have to share my newest thrifting: a teapot! such an unusual shape. 
good days, these. (though it is getting dark far, far too early for my taste.) but a funny thing happened while thrifting the other day. i was choosing some teaspoons (because ours go where? who knows) and happened to find a couple that were the exact kind of spoons that i grew up with. they have a deep dish. kind of uncanny the connection i feel with them. my hand and mouth are saying, "finally, of course!" ahhh, they feel just right. they make the cookie dough i'm spooning out right now taste just like it did when i was 14.