Monday, November 23


a long monday and am i tired! my arm is tired from drawing for ages on an upright paper sculpture. my brain is a bit tired from all that too. but i'm okay with that: i've been procrastinating like mad on this piece and it needs to be finished soon to enter it into a juried show. more thoughts on procrastination...later?

so thank goodness for:

:: books on tape: currently, Jim Dale (amazing reader) reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. yes, i'm 32 and i just love Harry Potter.
:: gingerbread. enough said.
:: the pitter-patter of rainfall
:: a hot bath, with book. (here i come!)
:: orange marmelade with almond butter on toast. before or after said gingerbread.
:: space heaters for cold rooms
:: happy napping dogs fuzzy from sleep and wagging tails at me when i peek out of the studio
:: the deep quiet of a house at peace. except for furious colored pencil scribbling.
and: my business cards came today! so exciting. i love the colors: they remind me of the 70's.
how did your monday go?