Wednesday, November 18

a look back

i have been poking around on Flickr, completely blown away by the gorgeous photos, and the lives they allow me to glimpse. travelingwonderful foodswarm homes! and such creativity in the lives of those posting. it invigorates.

i have done my fair share of travelin' too, being enriched by the differences in those around me, captured by the history, awed by the beauty. i wanted to share some of my favorite photos that were taken over this past year.

lake Okeechobee, Florida, road trip with Tim, March*

Woodstock, New York, april. photo by Somer

Narcisse Snake Dens, Manitoba, Canada, solo trip, May

Blue Ridge Mountains, at a campground, same trip*

Boulder, Colorado, trip with Tim, september*

a rare double full moon. or, snowballs mid-flight. above Nederland in Colorado, same trip

:: outside of Aspen, Colorado, same trip*

I have realized that I am in almost every one of those photos; yet overall I take more photos of other people (you know how it goes.) I seem to have picked out my favorites that others have taken of me (mostly Tim, good man) because they are so special to me and symbolize so much joy and experience when I look at them. They show the peace, natural beauty, whimsy, solitude and sense of exploration that I search for while traveling.

Other bits and bobs ~ i've been really into Russian Chant (choir of the moscow patriarchate) it's so soothing, although i don't speak or understand a lick ~ have definitely seen the light about using my beautiful tea cups and mugs instead of the old large stein I so often grabbed. it holds so much more tea but the whole situation is beautifully and challengingly symbolic ~ take time, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of what you have, make the extra effort, be aware.

I have a little work in the studio to do tonight, and Tim is making veggie lasagna as I speak.

*photo by tim