Saturday, November 7

mornings around here

i woke up today at 8am. the sunlight was streaming over the bed and baking Lucy on her dog bed. she's so funny; she just stays there until i get up - which has been earlier and earlier these past few months. i decided, for wintertime (and maybe alltime) i was going to beat the "greys" this year, by getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. you might wonder why this would be such a challenge, but for years i've worked until the wee hours in my studio, finding that those dark, quiet hours when the world was on hold were what i needed to work. then Tim, a nurse, would get home at the end of his 2am shift and we'd touch base. a lot of my life happened after sunset, and i had a lot of productive years doing that. but i thought i'd try a change. 

...and now i've managed the switch :: i think i'm sticking to it! there seems to be both more and less time. i seem to be shooting through my days: the beginnings are slow and stretchy and the ending, once it comes, is swift. i'm loving the sunshine. can't get enough of it. that morning sun is amazing. and Tim sleeps until he starts his next shift, so i get the mornings to myself.

pots of tea! marmalade and almond butter on bagels! sweet time with Lucy who follows me downstairs with warm snuffles. reading and
writing lists and puttering, lots and lots of puttering while i transition into studio-mindset.

so this morning is going right as usual. sometimes i take weekends off, but most times i just enjoy getting into the studio anyways to continue a project. when i drink my tea and eat my breakfast, this little guy always makes me smile. i found him recently at my favorite thrift shop and he's always a-swingin' in our indoor tree, in the morning sun.
:: and so begins my day ::