Saturday, November 21

my shadow

...the power of shadows is amazing. i remember being really intrigued (and kind of weirded out) by Peter Pan's shadow: how it could separate from him: how it could be sewn on. (didn't that hurt?) how my shadow follows me wherever i go. it is a constant yet changing part of me. it seems to symbolize a hidden self: outdoors on sunny days mine is clear and etched in detail, while it seems to disappear on grey days.
sometimes it stretches out so far that it can touch things and people far away. i love that metaphor. it seems to me to be sort of a whimsical, dark fairy-tale self of mine, ever-changing, indestructible, like a superpower: it can go underwater, fall great distances, shape-shift.  

it is my body, it is me - but not me. it flicks around with me and has endless patience. a part of me that doesn't need to eat or rest. it has mystery. it never tells its secrets, yet is completely open in all it does. i take a lot of shadow pictures. each one reveals a new character, a new facet of me at that time or in that place. i'm looking forward to many more mysterious, super-power adventures with my shadow.

That shadow, my likeness, that goes to and fro,
seeking a livelihood, chattering, chaffering;
How often I find myself standing and looking at where it flits;
How often I question and doubt whether that is really me;
-But in these, and among my lovers, and caroling my songs,
O I never doubt whether that is really me.
-Walt Whitman