Wednesday, November 11

a pause in garden days

:: this is my garden now ::

:: this was my garden in mid-july. and i miss my mid-july garden. it wanted me there. my present garden doesn't really need me. it has "passed beyond." it's just doing it's thing. and it knows how to do it without me. the plants are settling, no longer jostled for room. the catepillars no longer have designs on the brocolli, and the clematis isn't about to burst into frothy white bloom. i don't have to brush away clouds of butterflies when i go out (okay, a few), and i'm no longer wondering if we'll get any corn. cause we did, months ago. sigh. i miss being a part of my garden's everyday decisions. there is a time and a place for everything, i guess. in the spring the garden will want me back, but for now, it needs only time. all the time in the world to rest, recoup, recover. time to fall back and wither, disappear, and settle into its roots. it dreams of spring, but breathes in the winter. there's a lesson here somewhere, i can feel it... ::

:: i dream, and the garden dreams ::