Wednesday, November 25

a solar-powered life, or, the cat

the days are getting shorter as our countdown to the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, begins. it's just around the corner. i love the soltices and equinoxes, tying us in with nature's cycles of sun and dark and the rhythms of time and history. and i'll be glad to see the days getting longer, the sunrises sinking back into the morning, the rays greeting me earlier and earlier. the sunsets drifting later and later. yet someone in the house always knows where to find sunshine, any time of day...

Mimi's pretty spectacular at it, actually. and always ready to share the love, like a fuzzy hot-water bottle. she reminds me that the things we need are to be found if we search. that they are to be enjoyed while they last, even while they wane. that things change, and that's okay. that nothing's better than soaking in right where you are. that even if you have a gray day, sunshine and warmth and healing are only a few hours away.

The sun always shines above the clouds. -Paul F. Davis