Saturday, November 28

sunlit happenings

i know the above is not a great picture, but Lucy's face so encapsulates how i have felt lately, working on the sculpture (next to her; it's blue.) just trying to finish it, and it's so large, and the drudgery is killing me. but, almost done! and the sense of satisfaction then...i can't wait. i did have the best of intentions this morning, and meant to work on it, but...
...and this: isn't this pretty?
that would be the light reflecting off the broken shards of antique glass ornaments i broke while rushing my morning. that's when i decided to just slow down and relax, or try to, and enjoy the rest of my morning before i had to leave the house.
so i burned some cd's for my car (Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, Edith Piaf, Grizzly Bear and Crosby, Stills & Nash)
and went for a walk

and ran into Tim who was on his walk with Donovan.

all that rushing and hurrying stuff? you can have it.