Thursday, November 12

that kind of day

it's been that kind of day. a little clarifying, a little confusing, a little behind, a little ahead. (was it a disjointed day in between all the goodness? or a good day between all the disjointedness? ah, perspective.) it's been raining for ages and it's pretty cold; when i walked with Lucy my face was freezing: and that's what's going to happen more and more often from now on. winter's on it's whispery way. the rug needs a vacuum and Tim left for the hockey game (he had tickets) before the chicken was cooked: we put it into the oven frozen and it took far longer than we thought. (he said it's okay cause it's dollar pretzel night, blech.) and we both forgot to feed the dogs breakfast, which explains why Donovan was trying to eat the bread the neighbor throws out for the birds. he's usually better about that. so it's been that kind of a day. a salt-and-pepper, little bit of this-little bit of that, seasonings all around kind of day.
some of the more sweet seasonings were: i got a bunch of work done in the studio - everything i had intended for today, in fact. which i can rarely say! (why am i not more excited?) i have some work ready to send off to someone in Wisconsin, and i got a little clay sculpture in the mail that i've been waiting for. i'm reading The Borrowers again. we had just enough apple cider left for me to mix with lemon lime seltzer - my present favorite. it stopped raining long enough for me to walk. the trash went out. the space heater warms up the studio wonderfully.
:: and :: tomorrow i head to one of my favorite thrift shops. it's right next to a gallery i show at, and i need to drop off new work there, so...may as well thrift a bit.

so it was a day. it wasn't a good or bad or inbetween day. it had lots of seasonings to it; a complex kind of day? a mix of ingredients, just like all the rest.

:: how was your day seasoned? ::