Monday, November 16

welcome to the studio

yesterday in the studio i did use a pretty teacup, as promised. tastes much better. and when it gets knocked over with a foot/ruler/dog tail, there's much less to clean up. how convenient! this one is my current fave: a little orange-and-white polka dotted treasure from my favorite thrift shop. the teapot is also from said thrift shop. and the rug. and the wooden tray...
:: this (trashpicked) chair is intended to be the "quiet corner" of the studio: a spot to curl up with sewing or drawing, maybe while listening to an audiobook or half-watching a film (over and over and over: does anyone else do that?) mostly Mimi sleeps in it while i work on the floor or at the table. i think everything (except the Ikea frame) in this picture is either trashpicked or from a thrift shop. wow.
:: this is a new wall: used to be all tacked up with half-finished work but i found that it stressed me out to be looking at half-finished work all the time, especially since work is usually half-finished because i don't like it. i finally framed some of my favorite pieces of mine and now that wall is mind-clearing instead of mind-cluttering. the lower left drawing is one of the first drawings i ever did that "said" what i felt. it's over 12? years old. the frames are mostly (the natural wood ones are Ikea) thrift-shopped; so is that marvelous candleholder.
:: but this is what it looks like underneath. i need a tad more room or some more bookshelves. i make altered books too, that's why i have so many old books.
:: ah, the tv corner. with my small collection of treasured VHS. i don't watch tv, but do watch films: Netflix is a dear friend. (the things you can find on Netflix!  i've watched all the Agatha Christie films i can find. ALL of them.) that blue set of drawers has been with me for 15 years, i painted it myself. (free, of course, from an old job's toolshed.) it's gone with me through all my apartments to my present house; has been reconstructed, chewed on by houserabbits, and is still as loyal as ever. 
:: but the best? the view from the porch that opens off the studio. i love that i have trees that i can look at from the window.
:: and Mimi, she's rather a studio mascot. and she's pretty good about not laying on my work. or maybe i'm pretty good about whipping it out of the way when she strolls in. she's such a sweetie.

:: so that's my studio. i know, there's no picture of the desk. that'll be coming: it was covered with a commission i couldn't photograph. what's your creative space like?