Saturday, December 26


Day after Christmas and rain is falling. The snow is washing away, which is okay with me since it has become a little grungy after a few days of capturing the edges of life. I have the radio tuned to 88.5, playing Crosby, Stills & Nash.  I feel the need for fresh air on my cheeks, wind in my lungs, and a longer stride for my legs. And time to ruminate over this fantastic week. Somehow, this holiday week, I found the balance.  The balance of me and they.  The balance of solitude and crowds.  There were so many great moments; moments to breath deep and slow down.  Moments to absorb while in the eye of the storm.  Moments to let things pass, and moments to accept what was before me.  I built in unbargainable spaces to reflect and chill - if I don't do this, who will do it for me?  I am learning.