Sunday, December 27


The sun has fallen into blue and the house is quiet. I can hear the faint bustle of cars on the road outside as people finish up their late Sunday errands. I am waiting for my friend, Somer, to arrive. A friend who is presently on the Chinatown bus from Boston, soon to switch in NYC to come to Philadelphia. Then, a train out of the city, a phone call, and a car waiting (that would be me) at the station. We've been friends longer in our lives than not.  (I took the picture above, of her holding the moon, about 15 years ago.) I can't wait for shared pots of tea, long catch-up chats, walks, cooking and lots and lots of laughing.  The dogs are excited for tummy rubs. But for now I'm a-waitin'.  Eating clementines and reading Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl, one of my favorite books.  The piƱon incense is burning.  The very air is waiting.  Don't you love it when old friends come to town?