Wednesday, December 2

bits & bobs

made some tea this morning: each time i dip the spoon in the honey jar, i eat a little bit off it, straight, and Tim sort of gags behind me. o well.

i worked some hours at our co-op this morning. brought home these green button flowers: it's so nice to have fresh flowers while the garden is asleep. even though they need trimming and watering daily (like having another pet around!,) it's worth it to watch them continue to thrive, brightening the table.
and when i looked out the window upon arriving home, i saw the following. no, we do not have sheep. looks like Tim had had enough, and got the brush out. that is Lucy's fur: she sheds a couple of times per year. if i were a dog, i would not think the beginning of december would be a great time to lose my coat, but, hey...
sometimes it goes to good use, like her massive shed over the summer:

i am still enjoying the fall colors, though they grow sparse. i soak them in wherever i can:
and a sight that fed my eyes last night, continuing tonight:
enjoy the beautiful full moon. another is coming this month! on New Year's eve. only once in a blue moon...i'm super excited!