Friday, December 4

the branch tree

I've put up the tree. Well, first I had to find the tree ~ and we have a rather unusual tree. In past years we've tried the cut tree and the potted tree, and we've rather gravitated lately towards a "branch tree." The pluses of this type of tree is that it doesn't slowly die on us over the weeks like a cut tree, nor do we need to find a home for it like a potted tree (if our yard was only bigger...) I can always find interesting branches outside and after the new year, I break up the tree to be burnt in the chiminea on the summer solstice.

I have thrifted a few glass ornaments for the tree this fall, but the majority are hand-me-downs from my mom ~ and I made a killer trashpick a few weeks ago and found 36 antique glass ornaments in a box on someone's curb. Unbelievable. 

I just love our tree: the colors, the light, the textures. The beauty of the handmade. The reminder that these colors and this light will return outside again, in their time.

This is last year's branch tree ~

I hope you're enjoying this season too.