Wednesday, December 16

:: collections

partial mug collection. Yes, there's only two of us, I know...but one can experience so many moods, and one must have a mug to fit, mustn't one?
Some of my ceramic tile collection to brighten up the kitchen. Which is already very bright.
Studio. Been having some productive days. And I still need to frame that piece by knitalatte.
Dining/Living room. Another sort of collection. (I have a lot of collections.)
I collect rocks, too. You can see some here: some from Cape Breton, California's Lost Coast, the Appalachian Trail (first hike with Tim.) When I travel I bring home rocks. Once (ahem, on our honeymoon), we got stopped by the X-ray people because the rock was so large; it was showing up as a black mass on the machine: very suspicious. We got to keep it. I bring the rocks home and glue where they're from on them, cut out of book letters.
And then there's rocks like these: nameless. Could be from Switzerland, Italy, Canada, or the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We thought we'd remember, but we don't. We waited too long to label them.

But we're still keeping them.
I also collect favorite books, afghans, vintage white glass lamps, wool blankets, and polaroid cameras. I do not collect cats. Sometimes I don't even know I'm collecting something until I look around the house and see, oh, say, 4 or 5 of them. Like my wool hats and gloves. Or my vintage Pyrex bowls. (Tim: "Don't we already have a bunch of these?)

I do love my collecting.

What do you collect?