Tuesday, December 15

a day for getting things done.

An interesting day full of errands, organizing, some matting, framing and hanging, some finishing and photographing of projects for Etsy, some general tidying of studio (finally! pictures on the walls: mine and others' works), a walk in the city...whew!

You know those days that seem like they're full of maintenance? For your body (shower, shave), your house (vacuum, laundry), your pets (walk, feed), your pantry (restock), your sanity (take a stroll)? Today was kind of a maintenance day - but a good one. Not a drag-your-feet one. Tying up some of those loose ends so I can breathe again. Getting things in order and focus around me so I can do the same inside of me.  Trying to find that balance of work and play. Slowing down. Breathing. Having patience. Taking stock.