Sunday, December 13

to awkwardness

I have been having loads of fun working with Polaroid film. Learning what distance, what colors, what times of day, what shades of light do/don't work. Ever hear of "the power of the amateur?" Right now, that's me. Learning how do do something for the first time, as an adult, when I've had 32 years to get good at many things and so have much more difficulty with the things I'm awkward at (I should know this!) It's good to be not-so-knowledgeable. It keeps my edges honed and sharp. I've been using digital for about a year now (a switch from Pentax and Canon 35mm) so this is a great learning experience. How quickly, in only a year, I came to rely on my camera to do it all for me! Now I'm guessing again, learning the ropes. Learning to chill out, try, let go, be clumsy, and discover what there is to be seen and captured, and to see if I can do it.