Monday, November 30

november bows out

:: end of november enjoyments ::
:: the above was seen at the post office today.
:: i found this photo while thrifting today. of course i brought it home. where are these friends now? so much to wonder. 
:: and, more fun with polaroids. still learning what works best, so bear with me.

december arrives in a few short (dark) hours. just now on my break i took the dogs to the park down the street: spacious, rainy, and they can run as fast and far as they like! the raindrops were falling thick as stars, and they were running like comets.

Sunday, November 29

a polaroid crush

Little surprises ~ my grandpop gave me two polaroid cameras he had stashed away from who knows when...and...they had film in them. The film may be 20 years old, but it takes great photos. This is the first photo that camera has taken in ages and ages. You can see I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I have lots of thought going into the remaining film, for I don't know how much is left.

Now, I do already have a polaroid camera, and film (newly bought but expired in june, the last printing), but PopPop's film is really different. Really special. Its old filmy soul has imbibed family vibes, has sat around and absorbed family change, celebrations, relations. I'd love to know what the last picture the camera took was - what the last picture before this was ~ 5 or 10 or 20 years ago, or however long.

I'm so happy to have it ~ sometimes little serendipities really give a great cheek pinch.


Saturday, November 28

sunlit happenings

i know the above is not a great picture, but Lucy's face so encapsulates how i have felt lately, working on the sculpture (next to her; it's blue.) just trying to finish it, and it's so large, and the drudgery is killing me. but, almost done! and the sense of satisfaction then...i can't wait. i did have the best of intentions this morning, and meant to work on it, but...
...and this: isn't this pretty?
that would be the light reflecting off the broken shards of antique glass ornaments i broke while rushing my morning. that's when i decided to just slow down and relax, or try to, and enjoy the rest of my morning before i had to leave the house.
so i burned some cd's for my car (Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, Edith Piaf, Grizzly Bear and Crosby, Stills & Nash)
and went for a walk

and ran into Tim who was on his walk with Donovan.

all that rushing and hurrying stuff? you can have it.

Friday, November 27


i am thankful for audiobooks, libraries, May Sarton's journals, thrift shops, mornings, our electric kettle, my studio, our co-op, the listenings, talkings and writings of friends and family, Johnny Cash and Tim. (not in that order.) Also: creativity, the gift of observation, the ability to live my life as i see fit, more self-awareness, breath, health and chocolate Reisens.

yesterday was a busy day with three houses (and meals!) to visit. i came home packed to the gills with sounds, vibrations, and leftovers. my tongue was tired both from talking and that third helping of homeade pumpkin pie. i have so many new insights into both my and Tim's families: histories, similarities, differences.

back home in our quiet house, i want to stay in here all day, soaking in the silence, working in the studio (that big project calls...), and ruminating over the holiday. i've already washed dishes and cleaned kitchen: all four tea balls are drying on the rack, ready for some fresh pots. but i think i'll pop out for a quick thrift, then back to the peacefullness. i really enjoyed yesterday's visits, and i also really enjoy getting back to the rhythm of my own life and the new insights the busyness has brought.

ah, Tim has set the timer on his pot of tea. three minutes till it's ready!
i hope you enjoyed the moments of your holiday too.

edited to add: thrifting was a success! i noticed an orange/yellow theme to my treasures. an orange Pyrex bowl, a yellow hat, an orange-striped tee, The 3,000-Mile Garden (love this book: already have it, but i'm sure i know someone i can gift it to.) a little Phillies cup as a surprise for Tim: i'm putting our Q-tips in it. whoopee. i also love that dear little old FireKing bowl, washed to a gray-green.
now to studio and some tea.

Wednesday, November 25

a solar-powered life, or, the cat

the days are getting shorter as our countdown to the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, begins. it's just around the corner. i love the soltices and equinoxes, tying us in with nature's cycles of sun and dark and the rhythms of time and history. and i'll be glad to see the days getting longer, the sunrises sinking back into the morning, the rays greeting me earlier and earlier. the sunsets drifting later and later. yet someone in the house always knows where to find sunshine, any time of day...

Mimi's pretty spectacular at it, actually. and always ready to share the love, like a fuzzy hot-water bottle. she reminds me that the things we need are to be found if we search. that they are to be enjoyed while they last, even while they wane. that things change, and that's okay. that nothing's better than soaking in right where you are. that even if you have a gray day, sunshine and warmth and healing are only a few hours away.

The sun always shines above the clouds. -Paul F. Davis

Tuesday, November 24


this morning: killer food

this evening: killer scrabble

Monday, November 23


a long monday and am i tired! my arm is tired from drawing for ages on an upright paper sculpture. my brain is a bit tired from all that too. but i'm okay with that: i've been procrastinating like mad on this piece and it needs to be finished soon to enter it into a juried show. more thoughts on procrastination...later?

so thank goodness for:

:: books on tape: currently, Jim Dale (amazing reader) reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. yes, i'm 32 and i just love Harry Potter.
:: gingerbread. enough said.
:: the pitter-patter of rainfall
:: a hot bath, with book. (here i come!)
:: orange marmelade with almond butter on toast. before or after said gingerbread.
:: space heaters for cold rooms
:: happy napping dogs fuzzy from sleep and wagging tails at me when i peek out of the studio
:: the deep quiet of a house at peace. except for furious colored pencil scribbling.
and: my business cards came today! so exciting. i love the colors: they remind me of the 70's.
how did your monday go?

Sunday, November 22

happy sunday

this is my Sunday.

hope yours is great, too!

Saturday, November 21

my shadow

...the power of shadows is amazing. i remember being really intrigued (and kind of weirded out) by Peter Pan's shadow: how it could separate from him: how it could be sewn on. (didn't that hurt?) how my shadow follows me wherever i go. it is a constant yet changing part of me. it seems to symbolize a hidden self: outdoors on sunny days mine is clear and etched in detail, while it seems to disappear on grey days.
sometimes it stretches out so far that it can touch things and people far away. i love that metaphor. it seems to me to be sort of a whimsical, dark fairy-tale self of mine, ever-changing, indestructible, like a superpower: it can go underwater, fall great distances, shape-shift.  

it is my body, it is me - but not me. it flicks around with me and has endless patience. a part of me that doesn't need to eat or rest. it has mystery. it never tells its secrets, yet is completely open in all it does. i take a lot of shadow pictures. each one reveals a new character, a new facet of me at that time or in that place. i'm looking forward to many more mysterious, super-power adventures with my shadow.

That shadow, my likeness, that goes to and fro,
seeking a livelihood, chattering, chaffering;
How often I find myself standing and looking at where it flits;
How often I question and doubt whether that is really me;
-But in these, and among my lovers, and caroling my songs,
O I never doubt whether that is really me.
-Walt Whitman

Friday, November 20

living spaces

the living room. when we moved in 3 years ago, it was already this color: a nice warm taupe. which was soothing and cozy...and brown. so brown. i have come to like neutrals a lot more in the past few years, but this color just made everything...brown. i have a lot of wood in that room and it wasn't lookin' so hot. since there is just one window (due to an addition before our time,) i thrifted old mirrors to reflect the light. but it wasn't enough: it started feeling drab. even the dog felt drab.
...then we went blue...
...which was really fun! ah! color! for about 3 weeks. until i noticed i couldn't focus my eyes in the evening while reading a book. so i repainted, again, (3 weeks? or was it 2?) in mid-september. At the time i was reading Plant Dreaming Deep, by May Sarton, where she talks about having all her antique Dutch furniture against pure white walls, like the adobe walls from out west. i drooled. and white is so...bright. and that room is so...dark. i'm usually the first to slap a coat of paint on white walls, so this was a different turn of events for me. i love it. 

...and voila!  it's such a lovely room to see first thing upon coming downstairs in the morning: can you see the rainbow being cast in the center of the hanging quilt? and just right for curling up with a book in at night. now for a new couch. apricot velvet, maybe?

and of course i have to share my newest thrifting: a teapot! such an unusual shape. 
good days, these. (though it is getting dark far, far too early for my taste.) but a funny thing happened while thrifting the other day. i was choosing some teaspoons (because ours go where? who knows) and happened to find a couple that were the exact kind of spoons that i grew up with. they have a deep dish. kind of uncanny the connection i feel with them. my hand and mouth are saying, "finally, of course!" ahhh, they feel just right. they make the cookie dough i'm spooning out right now taste just like it did when i was 14.


Thursday, November 19

the studio work-table

But don't be fooled. It usually looks like this:

In the summertime my studio is more a tray I cart around work on. I go to the front porch or the back garden, depending on where the sun is (or isn't, really.)

But I won't be doing that now until the spring. Looks like those warm days are passing by. there's a chance of a thunderstorm tonight with a low of 38! I love thunderstorms but for some reason associate them only with warm weather.