Friday, January 29

fortified with fudge

It was an errands type of day today. I wrote my lists, got my travel tea mug ready, popped in my audiobook, and turned on my car seat heaters.  Because it's 23* here before the wind chill.  This afternoon I hit all the little places I've not gotten to lately: I found a mirror for the bathroom at the thrift shop, got cat litter (Mimi's been saying it's time,) stocked up on Joe's O's at Trader Joe's (among other essentials), picked up a year's worth of back issues of Art In America at the library for a quarter apiece, stopped by the gallery to measure the bathroom window for the curtain I'm sewing, oh, and got some vegan peanut butter fudge at Whole Foods. Now that was really important.

I made sure to bring lots of water and some fruit, because, I don't know about you, but usually when I'm out, I don't stop to eat. I just keep going, keep pushing. And then I arrive home fried. Because there's always one more thing to stop and do. And I can usually eke it out.

But not today. Today I ate. Today I rested. Today I had fudge.

And I feel great.

I also brought home a little stuffed Pooh-bear for Lucy from the thrift shop, which Donovan promptly stole and is upstairs grooming right now. Lucy can't wait to get it back so she can chew the eyes off (she does that right away) and tug its shirt off. Sigh.