Wednesday, January 13

just a wee break

a look back

a little love

ready to go

blue ridge

blue ridge

blue ridge mountains road trip

I think I need a vacation from myself. I wish that were possible ~ just a wee break. Then I could come back and greet myself with affection and aplomb. I could ask about the books I'd read, the new recipes I'd tried. I could ask if there was anything that worked better without my being there, and maybe we could try some changes. Maybe I just need a trip.

Tim and I have been talking about our Spring Thaw trip. We take a short trip each spring to jostle our senses and refresh our habits. We discover and play and write in our journals. Each day is an adventure. Unlike, you know, how it is sometimes in January, at home, with mostly me day after day.

This morning I mentioned how I wouldn't have to wear my woolley booties (that are permanently attached to my feet these days) at the chiminea in a few months and we both sighed and together intoned, "Oh, the chiminea..." Warmth. Sunlight. Outdoors. Evenings with lingering sunset and sleepy dogs, and tearing at fresh bread and grilled garden beets drizzled with olive oil. Silence and talking.

Springtime, I love you. I miss you. I'm waiting.