Wednesday, January 6

polaroid hunt

So, I did get back into the concrete jungle today. I had the best of intentions of going to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology & Archeology for personal enrichment, but instead found myself traversing the same roads as yesterday, and a lot of new ones. It was a polaroid hunt. A two-hour polaroid hunt. At the end, I'd left my good intentions five intersections back, right around the time of the illegal U-turn, and needed a good stiff drink of water. But I'd captured some big ones. I headed home and worked on some altered book-work. 
And, I just got a massage. I get one about once a year. Because, you know, it's hard to be good to yourself and all that. And I tend to talk a lot during massages: it's really hard for me to simply receive it, even though I paid for it! I did much better with that this time. Zipped my lips.

What a day.