Wednesday, January 27

seven things

  • Tea steaming, awaiting drinking.
  • Watched Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring last evening with Tim. A Korean film: very good. Very, very good.
  • Still figuring out my SX-70 camera, but it's mainly a love relationship.
  • Joy joy joy joy; Sun's out, thank the Gods.
  • Big plans for the studio today. I've been messing around with my sewing machine, sewing collages and just trying to have some fun. Not necessarily trying to make stuff to sell. Just trying to have fun and tap into my gut and work a little from that space, and not so much from the esoteric, serious space.
  • I could've kicked myself last night: I went to my Sugar-Free Baking class without my camera. This is something I must not do. We work on a large stainless steel table and everything looks like a still life on it: the bags of flours, the teaspoons, the spills, the colors. Last night we did a blind tasting of five sweeteners: malt barley, honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, and rice syrup.  The teacher had dollops of them in varying glasses: a couple of wine glasses, a shot glass, and the like. That little setup, with the different shaped glassware, the silver teaspoons lolling in each glass, the varying colors...And I hadn't brought my camera. That kind of thing really kills me.
  • I have a couple of big fat prisms hanging in the downstairs window, and in the morning the sun streams through them and bathes the room in rainbows, which slowly move around and lay on different objects, and sometimes me or the cat. They always make me smile.