Tuesday, January 19

a look at the fam

I went to my mom's yesterday to try out some of her camera lenses with my camera. Of course, when there, in between being followed around and stepped on by Lucy, figuring out those tricky lenses, and dealing with that strange disembodied feeling that I feel at the house where I grew through teenagehood, I came upon mom's slide carousels. 13 of them. All packed with old slides of Gramom and Poppop's trips out west and to Maine, my mom's life in San Francisco, my parent's wedding (magenta velvet) and various other tidbits of our family and life and travels throughout the past half-century. I lugged them all home and spent all evening scanning slides. Along the way, I found some oddities. You know, slides that are kind of...hmmm. As follows.

That may be my father but I don't really think so. I know he can't do splits.

But that is my mom on the right, with the family that she moved to San Francisco with. Notice both the poodle and the kid on leashes as they move smoothly through the airport.

Here is my mom again, feeding squirrels on the moon.

That must have been around the time Gramom went to the moon. In a lime green suit. I love this. I'm pretty sure this is actually the Petrified Forest. But still. Lime green suit.

And then there's this drunken sailor. I mean, me. This is at our cabin. I'm balefully chewing on something, wearing a fishing cap, without pants on. Hmm. Must've been quite a day. 

But my favorite find: 
My snazzy mom.

In purple velour.