Tuesday, February 2

some linky love

  • I have discovered Lee May Foster of Bonbi Forest, and love her artwork.
  • I want this little mandolin player print.
  • And this little watercolor.
  • Check out a sweet whimsical horse.
  • These are my dream boots.
  • I've been really into the artwork of Besty Walton.
  • This post by Bohogirl is some food for thought.
  • I keep trying for one of these covered stones, but keep missing the postup date.
  • I'm finding this blog inspiring.
  • And really want to make this strawberry cake.
  • I have plans to visit this earthwork. Maybe this spring.
  • The Poppies gave me some affordable artists to check out.
  • These DVD's came in the morning's mail! I love Joan Hickson. A little studio friend of mine.
  • Listening to Fruit Bats.
  • And drinking some tea with Tim, who's fiddling with the record player. I think we're about to hear some Cat Stevens.
Hope your day goes well!