Friday, January 15


This is Lucy doing squash-face. (And yes, that is both the complete Harry Potter and Twilight series' behind her.) My day has been full of little enjoyable moments like that. I ran some errands this morning in squeezes of time between the bread risings. Each rise is an hour, perfect for an efficient stop at the library, the thrift shop. (Score! I found some flour tins to protect our dry goods so those little bugs don't find them. Cause they have been.) The temperature outside was in the forties, which is practically like summer. The gods must have heard my cries. I tried to go without a hat but, hmmm, that didn't work so well. (brrr!) The cat was in the garden channeling a slinking cheetah and eyeing the house sparrows, who were eyeing her back in a pop-eyed kind of disbelieving way.  Donovan was out there licking dirt. I finally figured out how to OPEN my new old Polaroid SX-70 Land camera (oh, YouTube) and installed film and tried to go to the museum downtown where they have the live butterflies. You know the one. But I got there about, oh, seven minutes before closing time. Just in time for me to turn around and drive home through lots of happy people stuck in traffic under a waning sun. Glee. A quick jaunt to our co-op and now some cooked butternut squashes are cooling on the counter ready to hop into the blender on their way to make some soup. (Put on list for tomorrow.) I have been reading this blog which has me in stitches. I have been reading her archives for, ahem, hours. My eyes are burning.  I keep needing to focus on the neighbor's porchlights to give them a break. I don't even mind that the light fixture over the sink just fell off and scared the bejeebers out of me. Or that Tim put my favorite (only) jeans into the dryer and they feel tighter than spandex.  That's what a good blog archive dive does. Must. tear. self. away.