Tuesday, January 12

that kind of day

You know. The kind of day where you walk around for hours without the use of your brain, because it is still back in bed, between flannel sheets, warmly asleep and completely unavailable. I forced (yes, correct word) myself into the studio ANYWAYS to work. Because I need to work even sometimes when my brain stays in bed. It's always a bummer. And nothing happened. At all. I tried all sorts of things. Things which didn't need my brain: grunt work, I call it, which I save for special occasions like this. But I couldn't really fool anybody. And the yoga? meditation? counting breaths? which is supposed to work really craps out on me on days like this. Which is why I finally gave in and am at the Library, staring at the children's books and using the computer here since our Internet is down. I put in some requests for audiobooks. After this, I'm heading to the thrift shop. By then, it might be safe to go home again.

edited to add the photo I wanted to add but couldn't since I was at the Library computer.