Saturday, January 30


I woke up this morning to a rousing rendition of the neighbors singing "If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet! stomp, stomp!" with their kids. We can often hear them through the walls. They do not know this. (The mom does a great dinosaur roar.)

An unexpected snowfall began in late afternoon. And it's still going. It's lovely.

Studio-work today was accompanied by Miss Marple, played by Joan Hickson, on VHS. I love that woman. And I love my studio space heater.

Horsemanship 101 begins tomorrow. The stable e-mailed me and recommended layers and lots of wool. I hope I don't freeze to death. Or till I cry. That would be embarrassing. I'd better bring those little hand warmer thingies my dad always gives me at Christmas. I know I have some around here somewhere.

In fact, I might slip some in my boots. It's gonna be bitter out there.

Hope you're having some adventures this weekend, too.