Monday, January 18

to-do list (done.)

I understand the benefits of to-do lists. I really do. I have one or a few going at all times. (And for some reason I like to bite the corners off. I think that's called pica.) But sometimes it's good for me to hearken back to my "done" lists. Just to see if/that I did something.  Let's take a gander over the past year:

Set up and stock Etsy shop. Done.

Find Volvo V70 XC wagon. Tangle with used car salesman and win. Done.

Road trip to Venice, Florida, (where I grew up) with Tim & dogs in Wednesday, my Volvo V70. Drive way too far each day to make it. Show Tim his first gator in the wild. Done.

Take a trip to Woodstock, NY, to meet friend, Somer, halfway between our states for a weekend of fun. See a bear. Surprise a man who's getting the business done on his front parts on a supposedly empty mountain-top trail. Dance weird hiking dance. Done.

Solo road trip to Narcisse Snake Dens, Manitoba, Canada, to see the snakes awaken from hibernation. Try to do headstand. Stay in a tiny room over a noisy bar one night with locked door. Scribble furiously in journal. Done.

Organize three-person show at Orchard Artworks. Make lots of new work for show. Attend opening. Done.

Grow lots of veggies in garden. Meet Tim for dinner in backyard often to grill said veggies and sit by chiminea at dusk with fireflies. Done.

Get an exhibition agreement with the Art Association of Harrisburg for a solo show in 2011. Done.

Finish 4' long paper snake sculpture Search. Done.

Road trip & camping with Tim & dogs through Blue Ridge Mountains. Swim in Shenandoah River for an afternoon. Enjoy beautiful vistas while waiting for the dogs to do their business. Done.

Trip to Colorado with Tim. Go to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Drive around. See a fox in downtown Boulder. Stay a few days extra by myself: go to Rocky Mountain National Park. See elk. Done.

Exhibit at Perkins Center for the Arts, NJ. Done.

Sell paper sculpture The Conversation to Jersey City Museum for their permanent collection. Done.

Order business cards. Done.

Purchase red Danskos. Done.

Finish 42" high paper sculpture latitude longitude, which was begun in December 2007 by self-given deadline of December 2009. Exruciating, but Done.

Find SX-70 Polaroid Land camera. Win vicious, sweat-producing bidding war on ebay for this item. Score! Done.

Purchase D90 camera. Go B & H Photo. Done.

Exhibit at Philadelphia's City Hall. Twice. Done.

Go get acupuncture for the first time ever. Done.

Win sculpture prize for paper and wax sculpture Whereabouts at Woodmere Art Museum. Done.

Go thrifting all year like a madwoman. Done.

Start collecting Pyrex. Done.

Sign up for local Basic Horsemanship class. Done.

Start stock-piling Polaroid film. Done.

Order postcards of some of my photos for my shop. Fun and Done.

Bite the bullet and just take that hot bath every day once weather turns cold. Load bath with essential oils and burn my bum every fourth bath. Done.

Sign up for Sugar-free Baking class. Done.

Sign up for Detox Foods class. Done. 

Discover Green & Black's dark chocolate with cherries, with ginger, with just about anything. I'll eat it. Done.

Whew! Looking back at all of that, it's hard to remember that at times I feel I'm not doing enough. Goodness. Gracious. Me.