Thursday, February 11


The other day Tim and I awoke and made our way over to our favorite eatery. He can barely function without coffee in the morning and sometimes, to get him there, all I have to do is say, "Coffee, Tim, coffee," and he'll grin and lumber out of bed and we'll find ourselves at Cafette

This time of year, of course, we can't eat outside, enjoying the roses, the ivy, the sunshine, the perky bold sparrows, the people who bring a bottle of wine at 11am on a Sunday because it's a BYOB. But it was still beautiful the other day when we stopped by for breakfast, although we ate inside. And we almost never deviate from our favorite items. (I almost came to tears once when I realized that they took the cranberry aioli off the menu for the summer because cranberries weren't in season anymore.) We just love this place.

And I can't wait to go back. Just as soon as this thunder lets up, I dig out my car, and the roads get plowed.