Thursday, February 11

february thunder

We have gotten really slammed with snow again. And I love it. I spent my childhood in Florida so this is all magical to me. Yes, I've spent the last 20+ years here, but the child in me is saying, "Wow! Snow!" It's all in the perspective...

Because, really: Roads snowed in? Shops closed? Things postponed? Fine by me. Magic is preferred. The snow is thigh-high out there. Nothing is happening, anywhere. And it's marvelous.

And thunder during a raging snowstorm? Perfection.

I even took the dogs out around the block. At least, I started to. It was like a scene out of Call of the Wild but without the wolves. Incredible drifts of snow, broken snow-laden pines, hunger, no end in sight....we went about half a block before I realized I was not dressed warmly enough, and, coupled with the fact that I hadn't put the dogs on leashes and there was a large bear of a dog baying at us about four houses down, and my Polaroid camera was getting snow on it, we turned back. 
Also, I think I may have injured some muscles snow shoveling. So I'm gonna go do some stretching to work on that.

And I highly recommend Happy-Go-Lucky as a movie to watch on a snow day. Or any day.