Monday, February 1

Hotshot and horse stuff

This is Hotshot. He is the kind of horse you can plunk a five-year-old on and send off around the corral, knowing the kid won't fall off. This is who we started hanging out with on our first Basic Horsemanship class. 
Hotshot was bored at his job because we are novice riders. He really would've rather been out eating hay and basking in the sunlight and hanging out with his horsey friends.
I love Hotshot's lips.
The first guy here is Eli. He's the alpha and thus everyone else wants to do what he's doing. The other two are...hmmm...I'm not great at figuring out who's who yet. Maybe next week.
That's Hotshot's bum. He has a rather nice bum. I've just let him back into the field and he's checking out that handsome sorrel-and-flax gelding, Sunny. Sunny is a bit higher in the pecking order than Hotshot, so he's playing it cool while he chats over the fence to Lacey, the only mare on the place.

Next week I'm wearing double wool socks. My toes were like clods of frozen earth. Kind of like the pasture.
I think I'm gonna like this horse stuff.