Friday, February 19

I breathe in.

inspire, from Latin inspirare, from in- + spirare to breathe

Today I'm participating in a marvelous blog-it-forward mashup on the subject of "what inspires you?" birthed a few weeks ago by Victoria at sfgirlbybay. Thinking on this started the seeds of what has been, for me, a long and revealing motion of thought.

Some of my inspirations are of the moment; some are for a lifetime. They remind me of why I am here, that this is my life, for better or worse, and to revel in it in all facets. So I started thinking and writing and weeding and connecting those life and memory threads. This is what has showed up...

My inspirares include those moments, albeit small or short, which inspire me to live fully, to see the beauty, to breathe through the toughness, to be a better person, to accept, to give, to receive, to hope, to appreciate...

Clicking "purchase now" for an online plane ticket.

That sunflower that's just about to open: and then it is: and the goldfinches come.

Thunder during a snowstorm.

The wonder of bread rising and baking and smelling and drizzled with olive oil and rosemary.

Those moments of bliss and anticipation after I've hunted and shot a Polaroid with my SX-70 but it hasn't quite developed yet.

Reading quietly in bed next to Tim at night, while he reads quietly in bed next to me.

Having visitors, whether for brunch or for a weekend.

Waking up in a tent.

The relief and perspective that writing brings.

Shocking or strange or wonderful color combinations.

Picking through my grama's 2" vintage fabric squares which weren't vintage when she got them, and knowing as I sew that I am carrying on her knowledge, which is now lost to her through Alzheimer's.

Going to the thrift shop and discovering something fantastic for real cheap that just makes me grin, thrill or say a prayer.

Saying Yes.

Agatha Christie novels: tea, scones, knitting, herbaceous borders and a poisoning.

Seeing life through the camera lens.

Living out of a backpack or a suitcase for an extended period of time.

Sproutings in the garden, magically, after a week of planting seeds.

Being naked.

Awaking in the middle of the night and hearing that it's raining.

A letter in the mailbox from a friend.

My dogs :: unconditional loyalty.

The works of Eva Hesse, Kiki Smith, Paul Klee.

Blue blue cobalt skies right before dark.

A good long chat with a good long friend.

Slowing down.

Trying something new :: rediscovering the power of amateur status.

Seeing the fingernail moon.

Walking into my studio and greeting a project that's laying there, waiting to continue our journey.

Staying true to myself :: making myself happy :: keeping the inner pathways open.

Blogging :: sharing my life, my sights, my heartbeat.

Discovering other blogs with an "oh, of course" recognition.

Making Tim cry with laughter because I'm being incredibly witty.

Buying a new journal and starting it - delicious.

Solo travel.

Travel with Tim.

Standing up for myself to tough people.

Taking that pot of tea up to the studio in the mornings.


Joan Hickson as Miss Marple.

Changing my future :: Healing my history.

What inspires you? I'd love to hear.

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