Monday, February 22


My mom took these slides when she was living in California in the early 70's. (Please excuse that cat hair in the bottom one. I want to pick it off too.)

As you know, the mum and I will be heading to San Francisco tomorrow in the wee hours. Well, not so wee. We have to be at the airport around 9ish. (That's how I pick my flights nowadays.) And today I have lots to do like paint my toes turquoise, go downtown for some errands, and finish packing, and my mom's coming over later to sleep in the guest room. And whenever anyone's sleeping in the guestroom, I have to get it looking special, so...I have a little fun busyness on it's way.

I don't know about you but the day before leaving for some travelin', I not only feel excited, I feel sick. Just a little sick. Nothing I can't handle. A good time for me to enjoy my daily regular doings and hang with Tim and get my powerwalk in, and remember to breathe. Breathing is really good, and I often forget to do it deeply. I'm sensitively tuned to change of any kind: even if it's good change. Change that I want; change that I embrace and which I initiated.

Anyhoo, since I'm away (from the computer) this week, I've set up some daily posts that will be a little show of some of my favorite pics from my travels over the past decade or so. Because remembering is part of traveling. Looking back at those photographs and seeing the cycles, the thrill, the scariness. The opportunity. The life and living.

Buon Viaggio in your life this week.