Monday, February 15


We enjoyed way too much sushi yesterday. A dragon roll apiece, for example. Mm. I'd do it again in a minute. We're not big celebraters of St. Valentine's Day, but it just sort of happened that we met at the coffeeshop for a drink, then got takeout sushi, and settled down to watch some of the Olympics. Kind of a sweet date.

Today, we're looking forward to...more snow. 4-8 inches more. Tonight. But right now the sun is shining, the icicles are melting, and I'm waiting for the teapot to boil. I just put out some quinoa pilaf that was a few days old (7 robins at our feeder at once?!) and totally bit it. I slipped on the ice and my feet shot into a snowbank. Snow in your woolley booties is no fun at all. I don't know how the birds deal with it. I hope the neighbors didn't see me.

For now, everything's bright, until those clouds roll in later.

I better get going.