Friday, March 19

I'd rather have sunshine than taxes.

Another day in the 60*s. Lovely. I'm embroidering some little journals, making tea (that's a given, hm?), just walked the dog ~ and met Tim walking our other dog (interesting story here) and got this in the mail. (I really love getting mail. And I really love that film.)

For the past two eve's right between 6:18 and 6:23, the sun hits our front door in a glowing kind of way. I've been staked out with my Polaroid SX-70 camera, and last night I got the shot I was looking for (above.) I had to move quick.

I also just talked to our accountant and realized I should have been keeping detailed accounts of my art expenses for the past fiscal year, to offset costs. Which I haven't been doing, even though I am self-employed as an artist. I just...didn't realize... (the government loves hearing that, I'm sure.) I mean, writing up my mileage? My art life and my daily life are one and the same, it's hard to differentiate. But from this day forward I'm going to toe the line and write things down. Maybe in one of these.