Thursday, March 18

hello's in all colors

I have been having some computer troubles this week and it's driving me bonkers. In fact, I'm trying not to think about it. So I'm at the Library, not thinking about it. My Library has a nice little area with tables overlooking a huge long wall of windows: ceiling to floor. It's lovely when it snows but fortunately now, spring's peeping and little bright bits of things are poking up from the ground and saying hello's in all colors.

Yesterday was the first spring gardening day for Tim and I. I split and replanted our huge bunches of oregano, lariope and bleeding heart. The purple alyssum from last year has reseeded itself and is sprouting. We're dreaming of beets and brocolli and spinach. And of buying a big flat of purple salvia, lemon thyme, and that magical plant that looks like purple clover. (Okay, I'm dreaming of that. Tim's mainly dreaming of the beets.) I'm waiting for the hummingbirds to show, and the goldfinches to turn yellow. My fingers are literally twitching to get things planted ~ we're going to try Hungarian Blue Poppies (poppy seed poppies) again. Each one is a lovely lavender and I like them so much I point each freshly opened one out to Tim each morning. He's very patient with me.

Tonight we're planning a little chiminea fire and some dinner outside. Our cat Mimi had surgery monday for a little lump and is moping around the garden wearing one of those cone collars looking ridiculous, sweet poor thing. She's been soaking up the rays all morning trying to pretend she's actually allowed to groom herself. Only 5 more days, Mimi. Forza!