Thursday, March 25


I'm one of those kinds of people who can go on a walk and look down at a patch of green growing things and see the 4-leaf clover. Like it's waving at me. hello. it says, from way down there.

I have even found 5-leafed clovers. I don't know. I have the eye. I think it's hereditary ~ my grandmother once kept a hardcover book solely for the use of pressing 4-leaf clovers.

I can give you a tip for finding four-leafed clovers: they look like squares. That's the best I can say. And once you find one, there are always more nearby.

And I'm going to shamelessly plug myself here by telling you I've put three of the Moleskine cahier pocket notebooks I've been embroidering into my shop. Have a look. These are really fun to work on. :)