Monday, March 29

red plaid & cardinals

We had lovely warm sunshiney weather here last week. Now it's been rain for days. It's rather gloomy herebouts and I feel like I can't quite get enough light to really focus on anything. We had plans to be camping this entire week at a place down in Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but something came up and we're here at home.

On a brighter note (cause there always are some! grumble) someone told me about Market Spice tea and it's stunning. Just what I needed today ~ oranges & spice. And an open wood fireplace and hand-knitted wool socks and another couple of dogs would be nice.

On a walk a few days ago, I just about tripped when I looked up and saw a male cardinal in a vibrantly pink flowering tree. I've never seen a redder bird. I literally couldn't look away and, when he flew off, I found my legs walking on again.

This spring is knocking my socks off.