Wednesday, March 10

sardines & sharks

So about two weeks ago I was here. Wandering around the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Checking out the jellyfish, the giant tuna, the shimmering schools of sardines splitting and reforming as sharks passed through. Learning strange and wonderful facts and stories about things like the density of sea otter hair and variations of starfish skin.

This world we live in is a fascinating place.

I'm glad I'm here.

Nowadays my life is more about watching the garden dirt = waiting for sprouts, enjoying the odd unexpected 60* afternoon, soaking in sunshine on my pale winter skin. Drinking blue tea, restocking the pantry, reaquainting myself with my studio. (We seem like strangers.) After traveling, I always seem to bring home lots of ideas for artwork and sundry projects, and weeding them through and filtering them properly takes unrushed time and the full, unharried cooperation of my subconscious brain.

I spent the trip becoming friendly with the unknown, and, upon my return, am becoming friendly once more with the familiar.

(And flickr. Oh flickr. Flickr, you make me very, very happy.)