Monday, March 22

tea etiquette & film obsessions

"The old-fashioned English dictate "milk in first," or "MIF" - supposedly a sign of good breeding - was simply a way to prevent thin porcelain in typically cold English houses from cracking at the touch of hot tea."

~ from "What to put in tea," from Joy of Cooking

In Gosford Park, Lady McCordle (played by Kristen Scott Thomas) requests to Inspector Thompson (played by Stephen Fry: Jeeves!) that he put her milk in the teacup first. Know I know why. And now I know what I'm watching again next chance I get. I love that film. On a side note, do you ever have a film that you watch over and over, and it takes forever to get tired of it? I first heard of this back when Benny & Joon came out, and I knew someone who knew someone who watched it 35 times. And it was a rental.

But then I started doing it: watching a movie multiple times, enjoying every nuance. I've done it with Gosford Park, for example. Also, The Mummy, for reasons unknown to me, because Brendan Fraser is not my fave. But Rachel Weisz is, which leads me to another serially watched film: Stealing Beauty.  I've at different times been taken with Under the Tuscan Sun, Le Divorce, and Jurassic Park.  There's no rhyme or reason. I've also gone through my foreign language phases with Pane e Tulpani, Bella Martha, Manon des sources, Respiro, Volver, and Habla con ella. I've watched each of these films over twenty times. Each. At least. I play them in the studio while I'm working like most people put on a cd. The funny thing is, I can't watch them for years after I do that. I put them aside till my brain regains interest. And feeling.

But, I think...I think I'm ready for Gosford Park again.