Wednesday, March 24


So today is something like the 4 month, 2 week, and 5 day anniversary of the day I started this blog. :) And when I titled it always time for tea, I had no idea that would spark off a total personal obsession with tea. That I would start imbibing every day. That Tim and I would switch over to (almost) solely, loose tea. We would scorn teabags. We would argue about the open tea strainer and the mesh ball. I would start collecting even more teacups with wild abandon, over Tim's protests (babe, do we really need....) I would start thinking, really, that maybe there is always time for tea. I would slow down, pause, sip. I would start taking excessive photographage of my tea habits. I would even get to experience caffeine hangover. We would explore different local honeys as sweeteners, and argue about the merits of a small jar vs. a big jar. Tim would stop drinking green tea after some weird psychadelic experiences sipping too much of it.

All these things were about to happen to me 4 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days ago. And I never even guessed.