Thursday, April 29

the backup plan

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

I'm going to share my wacky dilemma with you.

A day before I left for my road trip to New Orleans with Tim - where I would spend 9 days that were absolutely packed back-to-back with amazing and wonderful photo opportunities - moments that I wanted to spend lovingly with my SX-70 camera - I dropped my camera. My beloved SX-70 that has opened up new worlds to me. My dearest SX-70. If you know anyone who has one of these babies, or if you have one yourself, you know what I mean. 

I cried. I did. I held the thing and wished it better, but it just whirred at me and wouldn't shoot out a photo. Sigh. Cry. Gnash teeth. Wonder why These Things Happen. SX-70's are tough to fix and I wouldn't even begin to know who can fix one. I've seen SX-70's taken apart and they look tricky and sticky.

Now, perhaps this was rash, but I immediately went to eBay and bid for another SX-70. I won. I toyed with the idea of having it sent, not to my house, but to our hostel in New Orleans. New Orleans, where I would be seeing all sorts of wonderful colors, animals, and happenings. Sigh. I decided for safekeeping to just send it to my house for a rich greeting upon my return. I did so.

So all week long I used my Polaroid One600 Ultra Instant Camera. I tried to be open to the idea that maybe I was meant to know this camera better. I did enjoy using it and it does produce a different type of Polaroid photo than the SX-70 can, which was interesting.

But, you know....

So as soon as I got home last night I rushed my husband over to the neighbor, who had all our mail. I held the box with my new used SX-70. I ripped opened the box. I dumped out the peanuts. Upon minute inspection, the camera looked fine. It was dark out so, rather than waste a perfectly good Polaroid photo, I waited till this morning to test it. 

And it didn't work - 3 film packs later I gave Le Sigh. Le Wondering Why Me. I wrote to the seller. I pointed out that his Seller's Description was faulty.

And I actually bought another one on eBay.

I really cannot live happily or calmly without an SX-70 by my side. (I need to really think about this and maybe do some Morning Pages on it.) Then, I tested, just for hey and kicks, a fourth film cartridge. And it worked. It spat out a photo. It whirred and clicked and was generally wonderful. Oh my. My life was my own again.

So then I had to write the seller. Take back my tear-drenched email. And wish, maybe, that I had waited, oh, say 3 minutes before clicking that Buy Now button for the other SX-70. Not that I regret having a backup.

If it works.