Thursday, April 15

charming days

I've been working on these little clay charms lately. Along with some more work, which just got featured on Sacred Lotus' blog! I feel I'm over my deep, blue, wintry funk for finally. My roots are there, and I'm pushing new growth.

Except I've been having really heavy dreams lately. Anyone else doing this? Something must be working itself out. I don't know about you, but waking up from emotionally confusing dreams in the wee dark hours of the morning is making me feel about 7 years old. Hmn. More chamomile before bed, perhaps?


Speaking of chamomile, ours is doing very well taking over part of our garden. I can't wait to see if it blooms. It's nestled right in amongst the lavender I planted last fall - also doing well - and kind of makes me want to tear out everything we have and just plant more and more lavender and chamomile. And then take naps out there.

I know that my recent posts have been all about my garden, the marvelous weather, my garden, the sprouts, wonderful weather (oop! rain), gardening, etc...kind of along those lines. I do feel like this spring is magical. I am more awake in my life than I have ever been before. I hope this keeps happening each year. I feel like Zeus is up in a cloud watching over things, and that the gods are frolicking on Mt. Olympus. There is a feeling of mystery, happenings, beauty, and even sex. Yep, lots of sexiness out there right now: pollen being scattered left and right, birds doing crazy dances and crazy songs. Feathers changing to gaudy summer colors. Spires rising from the earth. Delicate little colors and blushing shades everywhere one looks.


You know what I mean, though.

And, just for fun, look hereherehere and here for photo gasps.

Enjoy your days!